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Ring for engagement of a man

As society changes the customs and practices of society change. In the past males were the only people who could propose marriage to women. Nowadays, men receive a marriage proposal, and consequently, an engagement ring from their loved ones or potential husbands.

Jewelry designers and jewelers are currently creating modern engagement rings for men. The result is stunning. Less delicate and feminine than traditional gemstone rings for women but more masculine and with a certain size.

Rings for engagement for men: Modernity and tradition

The custom of giving rings as part of the proposal has an non-romantic beginning: in the past times, the ring was used to prove the receipt of the dowry and also as a promise. The groom's father would typically offer a portion of the bride's dowry in the event that the groom accepted the proposal. This custom of engagement allowed the family of the bride to prove, if there was doubt, that she paid for the dowry in full and received the ring in exchange.

Both women and men can propose to get married today, and only need permission from their parents if the proposal is strictly formal. The custom of presenting an engagement ring with the proposal is still in use and lets the world know that two lovers are in love.

Who buys an engagement ring for an individual?

The ring of an engagement man symbolizes equality. Modern couples do not care if the man is spending just a few months of his salary to purchase a stunning engagement ring, just as it was in the past. Some couples, as a minor concession, decide to purchase rings for the engagement. The ring of the woman is set with gemstones.

It is only natural that a couple will receive an engagement ring when the proposal is from either a woman or a person of the same gender. In the majority of cases women prefer wearing matching engagement rings during the time of engagement. If the couple is of the same gender the couple will wear the same rings.

Which hand is the right one? Which hand is the right one?

Which hand should you put the ring? The debate is about which hand to place the engagement ring on the man's hand. One thing is for certain that most men wear their engagement rings on their finger that holds the ring. In the majority of countries, couples who are married wear their wedding rings on the left hand. In Germany and other countries, it is the right hand.

In Germany the majority of people place the engagement ring on their left hand to differentiate it from the wedding ring.

If you are planning to put the engagement ring prior to the wedding band is placed after the wedding, the scenario is different. If you decide to stack rings, you must select the hand on which the wedding ring will be put immediately. It's an issue of personal preference. If you are unable decide, or for any other reason, you might want to put the ring on your neck.

Rings for engagement for men that are stylish and beautiful

The engagement ring is a masculine and striking, solid, and not in any way playful. It's not a ladies' ring. Its distinctiveness is due to the innovative use of materials.

Based on your personal preferences You can pick from traditional precious metals such as platinum white, yellow or yellow gold and shimmering silver. You can also pick from a range of unique models made of palladium, carbon, or titanium.

Explore a variety of engagement rings of all sizes from JC Trauringe. The interactive configurator can assist you in finding your engagement ring with a step-by-step procedure.

Engagement rings from JC Truringe are the perfect present for men

What price can the ring for engagement be? The prices for engagement rings at JC Trauringe range from 40 euros to more than 100 euros. Rings for men are less expensive than engagement rings designed for women, as men aren't likely to want an engagement ring. If you are looking for a sturdy platinum ring, you should spend at least 1000 euros.

We offer a ring exchange guarantee to ensure that both you and your loved ones will be satisfied with the ring. You will also receive free engraving and shipping on each ring.

Rings for men at a glance

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Engagement Rings for Men

Do men wear engagement rings?

It's become a long-standing tradition for men to purchase engagement rings. The couple could be striving to be equal or could be an identical couple.

What will an engagement ring for an individual man?

The price range of 200 and 500 euros is the price range that is middle. The price is also influenced by the man's desires and ideas.

What does an engagement ring designed for men look like?

Engagement rings for men appear more like wedding rings than engagement rings for women. They are usually quite large and are made from various materials. The style is usually simple without any decorations or stones.

Where do men put their engagement rings?

Couples often feel it is important not to wear their engagement rings in the same hand as their wedding ring. In Germany, this is the right hand. The engagement ring is typically placed on the left hand of the majority of couples.


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